DIY Water Vacuum Cleaner to Dry Workshop Vacuum Conversion

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I needed a "shop-vac" for my little woodworking workshop. My friend gave me his old 1600W water based vacuum cleaner for free, because if you don't replace water after every usage the water gets all dirty and suction is greatly reduced.

water vacuum cleaner

I had no desire to clean it every day so I decided to convert it to filter based vacuum cleaner.

This is how it looked on the inside:

water vacuum cleaner

The yellow plastic pipe was directing air flow below the water level so that all the dirt and dust would get captured in the water:


After removing this yellow pipe there was a perfect inlet deflector. I could put on filter bag without any modification:

inlet deflector

Then I removed yellow part from the power unit:

power unit

I used old car tire inner tube to make a rubber seal for filter cartridge holder:

rubber seal

On the original filter holder I removed everthing but the ring with screw holes:

filter holder

110mm plumbing cap was a pefect fit for filter cartridge holder:

plumbing cap

I made a hole, put some rubber around and I glued it with epoxy:

all glued up

Mounted on the power unit:

mounted on power unit

With filter cartridge mounted:

filter cartridge

And it was all done :)


After testing it on some sawdust I must say it perfoms perfecty :)

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