Slave Flash Trigger Without Battery

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Last time I showed you how to make a slave flash trigger powered by 9V battery. This time we will look in how to make one without battery. We will use power directly from slave flash terminals.

Circuit below will work with flash units that have 10V or 200V voltage on terminals. We use a switch to set desired flash type.

List of material

  • Resistor 1k Ohm
  • Resistor 10k Ohm
  • Resistor 1M Ohm
  • Capacitor 100pF
  • Electrolytic capacitor 2.2uF
  • Zener diode 6.2V
  • Thyristor C106
  • Silicon NPN Phototransistor BPY 62-2 or BPY 62-3
  • Switch
  • hot shoe for slave flash
  • prototyping PCB board





Flash units may have lethal high voltages on the terminals. Be extremely careful when working on something like slave flash trigger.

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